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For the past twenty years Eric has been one of the busiest freelance composers in Los Angeles. He has composed, orchestrated and conducted the music for over 300 episodes of animated series produced by Disney and Warner Bros. His work has been featured in over two dozen motion pictures, almost thirty commercials and six theme park shows. His concert repertoire includes numerous compositions for concert band, a ballet, one symphony for orchestra, two works for choir, 32 solo piano pieces,16 songs for children's choir and several works for chamber ensembles. For the past 6 years Eric has taught composition and conducting for the film scoring program at USC. He was recently appointed to the City of Santa Clarita Arts Commission. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Society of Composers and Lyricists, the Recording Musicians Association and the American Federation of Musicians. You can visit his website to sample his work and purchase recordings, piano music and concert band literature.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On December 9th I was an evaluator at Valencia High
School for several of their students senior projects.
I had an fantastic group of kids that all showed real focus
and energy, as well as presence.

On Sunday, December 5th I attended, as chaperone,
Candlelight at Disneyland. The afternoon rehearsal was
marvelous and quite moving. However, Mr. Weather arrived
and rained out the two evening performances.

On Thursday, December 2 Steven's musical was premiered
at Valencia High School. MAD WORLD examines just what was
occurring in the tumultuous life of Lewis Carroll when he was
writing "Alice In Wonderland". Steven composed an emotional
score with intense and moving lyrics. His work already shows a very
musically mature voice. He assembled a small band and they accompanied
an extremely talented cast. It ran just two nights, but was such a
success that it will continue to be work shopped this spring.

Here's what happened in November:
Teaching is still plugging along. I produced a recording
session for my class at THE BRIDGES, a rather new, and excellent,
medium size recording stage in Glendale. I've added a few new private
composition students. Our son, Steven, has written a musical and
I got to do the lead sheets for all the music. I spent several days
working on college application materials for both boys. Still
have 2-3 city events to attend to each week. On the 20th I produced
another scoring session, this time at the Spielberg Stage at USC.

A quick review of what happened in October:
Still teaching two days a week.
The 13th thru the 17th I traveled to Deerfield Illinois
(just north of Chicago) to attend my high schools 50 anniversary.
While visiting the hallowed halls of dear old Deerfield High School,
I participated in an alumni discussion panel for 600 of the current
students. I gave lectures on film and tv composition to the choir
and a theory class. The DHS band director, Dan Brame was kind
(or foolish) enough to give me his concert band for an hour. I had
them run thru a movement from one of my concert band compositions
orchestras string section to the piece and we ended up with a
great sounding ensemble of almost a 100 kids.

It's now September 1 and two days a week are committed to teaching.
Weekends are going to be filled up the next six weeks constructing a
very large shade structure in the courtyard of our church. I attend one,
or two Arts Commission events a week and am able to squeeze in a
bit of composition time now and then.

August 2nd thru 6th I had a couple of my smart USC grad come up and get me up to speed on DP. I then spent the next few weeks composing and sequencing material for a new CD project that should be finished up by the first of the year. On August 23 I started back to teaching composition and conducting for the film scoring program at USC (called, Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television).

The first three weeks of July were very relaxed work wise.
I spent quite a bit of time with Arts Commission meetings and events.
Several days were focused on college search and preparation for both of our boys.
The last week of July I arranged a series of worship praise tunes for a horn
funk band we call "The Phunky Pharisees". Our premiere performance was
at a block party at Valencia United Methodist Church.